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Ichigo Latte Theme for Tumblr

A sweet, frothy, and caption-friendly theme

Ichigo Latte is a one-column theme with pictures, audio, and video set side-by-side with captions. If you like photos with accompanying commentary, this theme is for you.

All themes come bundled with Disqus and Google Analytics integration.

Color Options

Accent 1
Accent 2
Accent 3

Style Options

Header Image
Upload a header image to replace the default text blog title.
Background Image
Upload a background image to decorate your blog.
Fullscreen Background
Enable this option to have the background span the entire screen. Disable for a tiled background.
Google Accent Font
The font to be used for post titles, sidebar titles, and other headings.
Google Basic Font
The font to be used for posts, captions, notes, and other body copies. You can choose one from Google Fonts.
Google Header Font
The font to be used for the blog title.

Layout Options

Show Like and Reblog Links
Allow readers to like and reblog your posts straight from your blog.
Show About Me Text
Display the footer module for a short introduction of yourself. You can edit this under "About Me Text" in the Customize panel.
Show Avatar
Display your blog icon on the About Me module.
Show Links
Display up to five links on your footer. You can add them in the Customize panel.
Show Followed Blogs
Display blogs you follow to give other people a chance to check them out.
Show Twitter Feed
Display a feed of your latest tweets. You can authorize Tumblr to access your Twitter through Blog Settings.

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